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Eyes Front

is the first of the Mike Randall Thriller Series and is set in near future UK, where five years retired from British Military service, Mike accepts a job as specialised debt collector at the prestigious Percival Institute for Biomedical Ethics.

Right from his initial interview, Mike's instincts raise red flags about his new employer, setting him on a path through a labyrinth of deception, duplicity, and questionable scientific practices.


Join Mike as he embarks on a riveting journey into the shadows of a world where trust is a scarce commodity, and the line between ethics and ambition becomes increasingly blurred.

In Company of Women - and one man trying his best

is a British satire. It's the story of a psychologist who, navigating the complexities of his own masculinity, stumbles upon some self-enlightening revelations. 

With unashamed transparency, the narrative exposes the thin veil separating moral conduct from the secrecy of depraved thoughts. So, you're invited to peer into the shadowy recesses of the male mind, where the struggle between duty and primal instinct is laid bare for all to witness.


"In Company" is a satirical exploration of 'first-world' privilege and angst in modern Britain, with some humour and poignant insights thrown in.

Soft Knocks - a young man's awakening 

is set in 1977, England, and tells the story of the extraordinary coming-of-age of Cyril James, a first generation child of West Indian immigrants.


Hidden beneath the surface of Cyril's seemingly ordinary life lies a secret buried so deep that he himself has avoided confronting it. However, everything changes when Cyril meets Tasha and crosses paths with Tom.


These relationships shatter the walls of conformity that Cyril has carefully built around himself, compelling him to confront his family with the truth he has long kept repressed.


Think Clearly - 
what are thoughts and how can we control them 

will help you develop clarity of mind about how your thoughts impact on your self-perception and your experience of and recovery from emotional distress.

This book will therefore be of benefit to you if you are pursuing emotional stability, peaceful living, self-effectiveness and success. It examines three primary types of thinking to give you insight into how your current mode of thinking affects your life.


The approaches are presented in a way that you can apply straight away as you read.

describes a simple yet effective way of alleviating anxieties, self-limiting emotions and beliefs that prevent us from experiencing the freedoms and opportunities we aspire to.


In discovering the transformative practice of EFT tapping, this book offers a step-by-step approach to effectively navigate challenging situations that feel emotionally overwhelming or more regular emotional obstacles of lesser intensity that we often face.


So, uncover the keys to processing and overcoming those fears and anxieties hurdles and empowering yourself on the path to greater freedom.

Emotional Freedom Technique -

EFT a quick guide to tapping into your best self yet

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